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    DELTA 2 Screening Machines »

    By using two counter balance shafts Delta 2 zeef machines can reach acceleration values of more than 6 g. Because of this the machine has an extreme efficiency. The drives are electronic controlled and...

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    Radial Slot Execution - Various Slot Widths »

    With various slot widths it is possible to combine within one filter tube or slotted screen cylinder various slot openings. In such cases the length of each zone and its relevant slot width have to be...

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    LAVIB (20µm - 25mm) »

    A flat screening machine with horizontal circular motion. Due to this circular motion the mobile set of sieves which are mounted on an oscillating table impact against rubber isolators. This dramatically...

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    Conturbex Screen Scroll Centrifuge »

    The construction and working method of the Conturbex Screen/Scroll Centrifuge is shown in the cross sectional drawing. Drive unit, bearings, rotating parts in the liquids chamber and the solids discharge...

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    Hammer & Hammer Impact Mills »

    Applications: Hammer and hammer impact mills are suitable for crushing soft to medium hard materials (degrees of hardness according to F. Mohs 2 - 5). For example: agglomerates, coal, limestone, gypsum...

  • Radial Slot Execution - Gradual Increased Slot Widths

    Radial Slot Execution - Gradual Increased Slot Widths »

    With gradual increased slot widths it is possible to increase gradually the slot width within one filter tube. The relevant slot width and the lenght of the filter tube have each time to be indicated.