• Radial Slot Execution - Gradual Increased Slot Widths

    Radial Slot Execution - Gradual Increased Slot Widths »

    With gradual increased slot widths it is possible to increase gradually the slot width within one filter tube. The relevant slot width and the lenght of the filter tube have each time to be indicated.

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    ASM 200 / ASM 400 »

    ASM 200 (20 µm - 25 mm) The ASM 200 is a gravity-screening machine, the three dimensional screening action has a vertical dominance. Due to this motion, the feed material is distributed evenly over...

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    Circular motion screening machine »

    Applications: Sand and gravel, building materials, rocks, crushed stone, chippings, minerals, ores, pellets, sinter, coal, coke, petrol coke, chemical products, fertilizers, granular material, salts,...

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    Laboratory Disc Mill »

    For the continuous grinding the model T 750 k in connection could be used with a special continuous grinding chamber. The throughout depends on the material characteristics and the finess of the grinded...

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    Axial Slot Execution »

    Special design. For filtration from the inside to the outside. In this type of execution the slot forming profiles are parallel to the length of the slotted screen cylinder. The internal working surface...

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    GAS 500 / GAS 1000 »

    GAS 500(0,2 - 125 mm) / GAS 1000(4 - 125 mm) The large scale test graders are designed for analysing grain sizes above 40 mm. The sample quantity increases when testing these sizes, by increasing the...