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    Sample Taking »

    To be understood under the term "sampling" are all work procedures necessary to remove a quantity of samples in such a manner that they largely correspond to the total quantity with regard to quality and...

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    Liwell - Flip Flow Screening Machines »

    LIWELL screening machines have been in operation for decades and are the guarantor for optimal technology in classing feed materials which are difficult to screen. The special construction generates accelerations...

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    Radial Slot Execution - Standard »

    Standard design (FOTI)   For filtration from the outside to the inside (FOTI).   The profiles are welded with the widest profile dimension outermost to the internal support bars. The outside...

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    SLS 200 (10 to 4000 µm) »

    SLS 200 is intended for the requirements of modern laboratories in respect of a quick, exact, and reproducible grain size analysis of all dry materials for sieving.

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    Single & Double Roller Mills »

    Application: Single roller mills are used, for example, for comminuting coal, coke, limestone and the like. With these machines, pieces approx. 30 - 120 mm in size can be crushed to a size of less than...

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    DELTA 2 Screening Machines »

    By using two counter balance shafts Delta 2 zeef machines can reach acceleration values of more than 6 g. Because of this the machine has an extreme efficiency. The drives are electronic controlled and...

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