Centrifugal tube mill

  • Centrifugal tube mill Centrifugal tube mill
  • Centrifugal tube mill


The centrifugal tube mill is used for fine grinding of materials with any degree of hardness. Normally, grain sizes of up to 1000 µm are handled. Fine grain sizes of smaller than 0,1 µm can be reached by wet grinding.


The centrifugal tube mill has a horizontal grinding chamber, which moves in a circular motion. To be able to do this the grinding tube is supported by crossbeams in eccentric bearings, which are driven by two synchronized motors.

Practical experience and extensive tests have shown this setting of the mill to be the most productive for:

  • Grinding media: steel or ceramics
  • 30% filling with grinding media
  • Diameter of the grinding media: between 200 µm and 8 mm
  • 30% filling with material to be ground

During the grinding process, the grinding media form crescent like formation, which moves in a coherently open mass along the inner wall of the grinding tube. The high-speed photograph below shows the shape of the grinding media when grinding limestone. The grinding material is normally (in the case of wet grinding) pumped through the grinding tube as a suspension.