Vibratory Centrifuge

The highest throughputs, up to 350t/h of solids, are attained with vibratory centrifuges in which the solids, which are retained by the sieve, are transported from the small to the large diameter by axial vibrations which exceed the rotary movement. Since this conveying mechanism fails at high centrifugal forces, vibratory centrifuges are suitable for processing mass products which can easily be dewatered to a relatively good final moisture.

The vibratory centrifuge is as regards the throughput of solids, our most effective centrifuge. The transport of the solids over the sieve in the conically widening basket takes place by the co-operation between the inclination and the axial vibration of the basket. A pre-condition for a controlled sliding speed is that the angle of inclination is somewhat smaller than the slide friction angle of the product to be dewatered and that the axial vibration acceleration is sufficient to overcome the remaining difference in product.

  • Vibratory Centrifuge Vibratory Centrifuge
  • Vibratory Centrifuge

Vibratory Centrifuges HSG are used successfully for:

  • Coal: Lignite, Fine coal, Stock coal, Coarse slurry, Middlings, Shale.
  • Salt: Flotation tailings, Flotation concentrate, Potash solvent residue, KCL granular crystallisate, Salt of silicic acid, Sea salt.
  • Sand: Concrete sand, Pumice sand, Ground limestone, Shell sand, Silica sand, Oresand.
  • General: Wood shavings