Centrifuges - General Overview

In nearly all cases of mechanical liquid/solids separation, continuously operating centrifuges are the best technical and economical proposition. They can dewater large quantities of solids to low final moistures, whilst needing little space, energy and time. The correct centrifuge will reduce the cost of thermal drying considerably and may even make it superfluous.   SIEBTECHNIK specialise in the development and manufacture of continuously operating centrifuges. Our technical experts are at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable centrifuge. Machines are available for test either on your premises or in our test establishment.

Screen/Scroll Centrifuges - Overview

The most versatile of our continuously operating centrifuges are screen/scroll centrifuges in which the solids retained on the sieve are transported from the small to the large diameter through the angle of inclination of the basket and the slightly different speed of the scraper worm.   With an angle of inclination of the basket adapted to the feed material, widely different products such as short fibre cotton linters, ice crystals from freeze concentration or granular plstics, specifically salt crystals of diverse origin and consistency are successfully separated from the mother liquor, and where necessary, purified by washing. Depending on the operational conditions, the screen basket is provided with perforated sheets or slot sieves.

Decanter Centrifuges - Overview

Decanter Centrifuges are used to separate very fine solids from liquids of lighter density. The solids form a sediment in the liquid, but are not retained by a screen as in a screening centrifuge.

The speed of sedimentation can be increased by adding flocculents. In the solid bowl centrifuge the sedimented solids are transported by the scroll to the smaller diameter and discharged, while the clear liquid flows over the adjustable weir at the cylindrical end of the machine.

The screen decanter centrifuge is a combination of a decanter and a screen centrifuge, which has a screen section to further reduce the final moisture. Material passing through the screen section can be recycled to the centrifuge feed.

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    TS Decanter Centrifuge »

    Often the solids are too fine to be dewatered satisfactorily in the filtering screen/scroll centrifuge. They can then be separated in solid bowl centrifuges provided their sedimentation speed in the mother...

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    DZ Decanter Centrifuge »

    This SIEBTECHNIK heavy duty decanter centrifuge is used in preference for open process systems and is distinguished by its outstanding separation properties with maximum availability. As with all SIEBTECHNIK...

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    Twin Cone Decanter Centrifuge »

    Using the Twin Cone Decanter Centrifuge, it is possible to achieve the requirements for optimum dewatering. The slurry supplied to the feed pipe is accelerated in a relatively small bowl diameter which...

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    Turbo Screen Decanter Centrifuge »

    The Turbo Screen Decanter Centrifuge is an advanced development in solid/liquid separation technology and has significant design and process engineering advantages. With the usual screen bowl centrifuges,...

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    Short Bowl Decanter Centrifuge »

    The rotating parts of this solid bowl decanter centrifuge are supported at one end only, which is of particular advantage. The centrifuge rotor ends just beyond the dividing wall of the solids housing...

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    Laboratory and Technical Centrifuge »

    The new SIEBTECHNIK laboratory centrifuge CENTRIFLEX is a real universal centrifuge for treating suspensions by applying high centrifugal forces. By using the appropriate accessoires the centrifuge can...