DZ Decanter Centrifuge

This SIEBTECHNIK heavy duty decanter centrifuge is used in preference for open process systems and is distinguished by its outstanding separation properties with maximum availability.

As with all SIEBTECHNIK centrifuges, the rugged CYCLO gear unit, as well as all the anti-friction bearings are connected to a circulating oil lubrication system. All the components are generously dimensioned and will stand up to the most severe operating conditions. This ensures maximum service life with minimum maintenance.

An overload protection system patented by SIEBTECHNIK which provides not only mechanical power disconnection, but also provides electrical signals for shut-off of product feed and drive, completes this series and meets all safety requirements. The housings are sealed as standard by a multi-chamber labyrinth system.

  • DZ Decanter Centrifuge DZ Decanter Centrifuge
  • DZ Decanter Centrifuge

The DZ Series can also be supplied as a vapour and gas tight unit.

The product housings are two part throughout and sealed with PTFE rings. The geometry of the rotating parts is specially matched to the separation application involved.

For repairs and maintenance, we recommend an assembly bench as a valuable addition to the centrifuge for care and safe handling of the high-quality rotating parts.