Conthick Screen Scroll Centrifuge

The design of this centrifuge is based on the technology of our Conturbex Screen/Scroll Centrifuge with additional pre-thickening unit for high efficiency separation of low solid concentration slurry as well as high recovery of fines. The purpose of this centrifuge is to separate solids from liquids out of a slurry. The slurry is fed via an inlet pipe to the pre-thickening part of the centrifuge via openings at the center in the worm body.

The main liquid will be discharged at the backside of the bowl via a stepless adjustable overflow to obtain a clean liquid separation (filtrate). The solids will be pre-thickened and transported to the centrifugE screen where final dewatering and product washing, if needed, takes place.

Both liquid streams can be discharged separately or jointly together in one liquid stream through a double or single filtrate discharge cyclone, depending on the process requirements. The loss of fine particles is relatively low and can even be minimized by feeding the screen liquid back to the feed of the Conthick.

The solids retained on the cylindrical screen are transported axially over the screen by the worm to the solids discharge housing. An amply dimensioned cyclo-gear unit ensures a constant differential speed between worm and bowl/screen and a constant process performance.

  • Conthick Screen Scroll Centrifuge Conthick Screen Scroll Centrifuge
  • Conthick Screen Scroll Centrifuge

Specification of the Conthick Screen Scroll Centrifuge

The Conthick Screen Scroll Centrifuge centrifuge is driven by means of an electric motor with V-belt transmission. Depending on process requirements a frequency converter can be used for variable main speed and/or variable differential speed. The machine is arranged on large rubber buffers for vibration isolation. The centrifuge is equipped with a special profile wedge-wire screen with maximum open area but, if process-wise required, also with special perforated screen plates. All screens are very easily replacable without dismantling the machine and rotating parts. Depending on process requirements the centrifuge housing can be equiped with rinsing connections for cleaning of the process parts.

Another important option is the possible modification of an existing Conturbex to Conthick type in case of a change in product specification and/or feed conditions.